Selected Writings

Review: A Contemporary Approach to Religious Symbols. Online, September 2019

Essay: In Sickness and In Health for THE SEEN. Issue 09, Fall 2019.

Review: Against the Biennale: We Don’t Need Another Hero for THE SEEN. Issue 07, Fall 2018.

Essay: Drawing the Curtain: Mika Horibuchi for THE SEEN. Issue 07, Fall 2018.

Essay: Glimmer and Shine for THE SEEN. Online Issue, Spring 2018

Transcription: U.S. Pavilion / Dimensions of Citizenship for THE SEEN. Online Issue, Spring 2018.

Interview: The Master and Form: Brendan Fernandes for THE SEEN. Issue 06, Spring 2018.

Interview: In the Forest // David Hart for THE SEEN. Online Issue, Summer 2017.

Essay: Unpacking the Reality of the Roger Brown Study Collection for FNews Magazine. Spring 2017.

Review: Embrace of the Serpent’ in Unconventionally Brilliant for FNews Magazine. Winter 2017.

Interview: Gina Wynbrandt’s Funny Feminist Comics are Turning Heads and Taking Names for FNews Magazine. Fall 2016.